RCG History


Cleared space and built 12 garden beds
Created Mission Statement
Created crop rotation plan
Installed water system
Created website and Facebook page
Partnered with R-ECC to screen healthy food movies
Donated 29 lbs of food to food bank and senior housing
Built 3 bin compost structure
Held 4 community potlucks
Raised funds to support the garden


Built Garden Shed
Planted 4 Fruit Trees
Built Herb Border
Built information Kiosk
Put in 3 benches
Put up Mason Bee Houses
Created 5 new beds out of culvert ends
Had 5 Potluck Dinners in the Garden
Held 10+ workparties
Harvested LOTS of food


Increased number of people coming to summer potlucks
Composting Trainings
Mason Bee training
First use of homemade compost!
Herb presentation
First Potluck Harvest Dinner was successful
More Kids at work parties
Started Tile Project for the wall
Started the Wall project with recycled sidewalk pieces
Held an Earth Day event
Lydia built the Wattle raised bed for fruit trees and strawberries at north end – BEAUTIFUL!
3 new culverts for planting
17 work parties


Finished the shed, including windows!
Completed the wall, and almost completed the tile project
Filled in the new garden space behind the wall, and planted
Added asparagus, rhubarb, and pumpkins
Set up rain barrels
Used moisture meters and recorded water data
Composting class for teens, and set up composting system
More families at our potlucks
Harvest dinner was full
City councilman Conlin came to Harvest dinner
New members – both adults and children.
Continued relationship with Nathan Hale
Some members attended the Nat’l Community Garden Assoc. Confer. in Seattle

2014 – present

We stopped keeping track of everything we did, and are now just living in the moment!!



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