Q: What is the Ravenna Community Garden?

A: It is an edible garden, in the Ravenna neighborhood of Seattle, for the community to use and enjoy. It is located at the north end of the large playfield of the Ravenna-Eckstein Community Center.

Volunteers in the neighborhood donate their time, talents and treasures to building and maintaining the garden and the grounds.

The produce grown is shared by gardeners, contributed for community meals and donated to various people and organizations.

This garden is the first of its kind for the Seattle Parks and Recreation system. A second community garden at the Meadowbrook Community Center is in now up and running, and the Beacon Hill Food Forest is developing rapidly. New Community Gardens are popping up all over Seattle.

Q: What is the difference between a  “p-patch” and a “community garden?”

A: Both are garden spaces set aside for use by the community; however, p-patch plots are leased spaces where the produce grown therein is the property of the paying gardener.

What we mean by “community garden” is that anyone in the community may play an active role in both tending and benefiting from the garden. The garden space and materials are donated and/or set aside for use by the community (in this case, by Seattle Parks and Recreation, a Neighborhood Matching Fund grant and grassroots support).

Q: Who can volunteer to work in the garden?

A: Anyone, regardless of horticultural expertise! All you need is a willingness to be outdoors, the ability to work with a group, and the desire to learn more about where food comes from. See the Calendar on this site for our Work Party and Harvest Events. Come join us for one time or a lifetime!

Q: Who is responsible for watering the garden?

A: Right now a watering schedule is in place where a different volunteer has been assigned to a specific day of the week . It is that person’s job to check the soil on that day and determine if watering is needed or not.

If you would like to get on the schedule, simply attend a work party or two and let’s talk about it. Training will be provided! This is one of the most critical jobs you can help with!!

Q: What sort of material are the beds built out of?

A: The raised beds are constructed with a engineered product called Trex, a composite material (combination of wood and plastic) that will stand up to the elements for MANY years to come (a prerequisite for building the garden on city property).

More information about the product can be found at the manufacturer’s website, here: What is Trex?

Q: How do you plan to keep dogs out of the garden beds?

A1: For now, we are relying on pet owners to control their animals and keep them from jumping into the garden beds. Barriers may be set up in the future, if it becomes necessary to do so.

A2: Technically, it is illegal for dogs to be off-leash in Seattle parks (SMC 18.12.080  Animals running at large prohibited).

There are 11 designated off-leash areas in Seattle, and one of them is a short distance away at Warren G. Magnuson Park. We encourage dog owners to make use of this and other designated off-leash areas.



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